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Build, decorate, and populate your own castle town backed by a flourishing economy, having many villagers working for you. Gather people to join your army to fight enemies for honor and more.

The game is to be released on Steam as Early Access by end of September 2021.

Coronation is an online medieval multiplayer game developed by Twin Sword Studio with the help of lovely Patreons. It is inspired by Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Rust, Sims 3/4, Runescape, Anno 1404 and Tropico 6.

NOTE: Please install the game using Itch's Client as we are constantly pushing out new updates daily.


  • Online PvE/PvP Multiplayer Dedicated Server
  • Build your own Furnished Castle to provide decorated homes for yourself and your people
  • Assign jobs to villagers to work for you
  • Amass your army to protect your town and aid you in battles
  • Engage in Melee directional combat to gain more control of your attacks
  • Declare independence to become your own King/Queen
  • Conquer other players' castles and pillage their loot (PvP option)

* All art and sound assets are being used as temporary placeholders because it's a work in progress. No copyright infringement is intended.

  • Take care of your people's Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Happiness, Social, Call of Nature, and Cleanliness needs
  • Sit and eat cooked food together with players or NPCs and socialize with them to build close relationships
  • Work in medieval job professions such as Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, Blacksmith, Tailor, Guard...
  • Rent a plot of land to build your own house so that you have a place to live at
  • Throw parties and enjoy medieval music and dances
  • Grow your wealth by buying property, startup businesses such as Taverns, Inns, Restaurant, Shops or complete trade contracts
  • Lease the land for people to rent and collect taxes from
  • Maintain the Throne and hold Council meetings
  • Expand your great Empire by conquering land

My brother and I always wanted to feel like an actual King or Queen of our own empire with real lineages, dine and celebrate together with life-like people, manage a player-driven economy, and fight alongside comrades that we personally know in realistic battles and sieges.

We're really passionate about Coronation and will accept all forms of criticism as we really want to keep learning and improving both ourselves and the game. 

If you see potential in Coronation and feel that we deserve your help, please consider supporting us on Patreon! 

Please click the image below to go to our Patreon page.


NOTE: Please click the image below to go to Itch Client's page.

Install instructions

1. Install Itch's Client

2. Search for Coronation at the Top Left Search Bar in Itch's Client.

3. Click Add to Collection (for making it easy to get back to the game)

4. Click Install and then Launch when it's done installing.


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This looks amazing!

will there be more weapons besides 2h swords, shields and 1h swords like spears, maces, bows etc?

also how much will the game cost

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Yes! And daggers, long swords, polearms, throwing weapons too.

The game will remain free on Itch, but if you would like to play on Steam, it will cost $4.99 USD. If you would like to have free digital copies on Steam, please consider supporting us on Patreon :)

Looks very good ,Thank you 8)

Thank you! I hope you had fun.

Another video created by another Noble Patreon :)


Streaming by Coravel.

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Streaming by Eckoray.
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Another video created by our Noble Patreon.

This is a video created by one of our players.